Demute is an audio co-development studio, partnering with core teams for long-term projects, guided by open values & commitment. We pride ourselves on our deep involvement in every project we take on.

As an ever-evolving organization, we offer a range of services including sound design, implementation, voice acting, audio QA and audio programming. We strongly believe in continuous learning and are dedicated to cultivating a positive company culture that prioritizes ownership, well-being, and personal investment in projects. Transparency, openness, and trust are at the core of Demute's values. Each team member is empowered to lead, take responsibility for their projects, and shape their own work approach.

We work for international companies such as Hi-Rez, Supercell, Matchday, Paradox, THQ Nordic, among others. We are also proud to be part of the Belgian ecosystem, collaborating with great Belgian companies such as Abrakam, Appeal, Cybernetic Walrus, Exiin, Funtomata, Maracas, Mehelit, N-Zone, Oisoi, Pipette Inc, Ramram, Rogueside, Team Panoptes, The Pack, Tolima, Studio Waterzooi, and more!

List of Belgian Games we have worked on :

Ary and the secret of Seasons (Exiin)
Fort Boyard (Appeal)
Who wants to become a Millionaire (Appeal)
Panoptic (Team Panoptes)
Gang of Sherwood (Appeal)
Replaceable (The Pack)
Outcast 2 (Appeal)
BabelAR (Luca School of Arts)
VR Kuub (Cybernetic Walrus)
Warhammer 40000: Shootas, Blood & Teef (Rogueside)
Please Touch the Artwork 1 (Waterzooi) - BGA 2023 of Best Sound
The man came around (Pipette Inc)
Silhouette (Team Panoptes)
Helix (Mehelit)
Asfalia Anger (Funtomata)
Labyrinth Escape (N-Zone)
Les chroniques d’Alia (N-Zone)
Magical Train (Maracas)
Painting VR (Oisoi)
Stellaris DLC (Abrakam)
Asfalia Fear (Funtomata)
Please touch the Artwork 2 (Waterzooi)
30Birds (Ramram)






No games found.