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Belgian Game Awards 2023 Live show

The Belgian Game Awards 23 will be held at La sucrerie, Wavre on the 23rd of June 2023.

There will be an amazing live show where the nominees are celebrated, the winners are announced and a don't forget about the drink/party for the Belgian Games industry to let loose afterwards!

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1Up Conference 48

Curious who will follow in the footsteps of our renowned previous award winners? Here are the award categories for the submitted games:

  • Belgian Game Of The Year
  • XR Game Of The Year
  • Best Applied Game
  • Student Game Of The Year
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Sound
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Studio
  • Most Promising Start-Up Studio
  • Best Belgian E-sports Event
  • Best Belgian E-Sports Game
  • Audience Award

Be sure to Save the date for the Award Show in your calendar!!

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Causal Nexus

RELEASE: 19 DECEMBER 2022In this roguelite arcade shooter, you'll have to b...

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Moa Square Capsule 2500 2500

Moons of Ardan

RELEASE: 21 OCTOBER 2021 (Early Access)Moons of Ardan is a captivating city...

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We Who Are About To Die

We Who Are About To Die

RELEASE: 14 NOVEMBER 2022 Fight your way through spectacles and arenas from...

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