Cybernetic Walrus BV

Cybernetic Walrus is a game and service studio founded in 2017 by a couple of DAE students who thought they could easily conquer the game industry.

The studio released it's first game "Antigraviator", a fast futuristic racing game, in 2018, "Rise of Humanity", a stunning looking Turn-based strategy game in 2021 and "Does it Stack?", The object-stacking game with an explosive twist in 2023. Recently we partnered up with Meta to bring "Does it Stack?" to realm of mixed reality.

For years now we have also been building graphical assets for other games. Space Pirate Trainer Arena, Shredders, Painting VR and BAM or some of the games using assets created by Cybernetic Walrus. Since 2022 we have also been releasing asset packs on the Unreal marketplace and Unity asset store. You will finally be able to stack books and cups in the comfort of your own living room, with the added benefit that if your stack tumbles, you will not have to clean up the mess!

We haven't conquered the game industry yet, but we haven't given up trying either!

We are the Walrus!