Larissa Vervaeke

Boxsun is dedicated to "Forging Roguelikes and Games Alike!" Our vision is to develop Rogue-lite and Roguelike games where the player gets stronger with each game creating a unique experience each time you press play.

Founded by two passionate game developers, Larissa and Dimitri, after their studies at DAE-Howest in October 2021. We started out small, releasing our first full arcade-style game, Light Kin, in 2022. During the development of Light Kin, we learned a lot and discovered our passion for roguelike games. While starting on the development of our current project “Crystalis Descendant” our team welcomed Angel as our new sound designer. We hope to expand our team further, when possible, in the future.

Through our own experience, since Dimitri is physically disabled, it isn’t always as easy to play games. That's why we put a strong emphasis on accessibility and aim to make our games accessible for as many people as possible. Dimi cannot easily use controllers, so it is important that all our games are as easy to play as we can make them, and to be as inclusive as we can be. For example, Light Kin has simple controls and different colour-blindness filters and is playable with every interface we could apply. In our current game “Crystalis Descendant” we aim to add several accessibly options ranging from re-key binding to optional auto-aiming, and beyond.