Kick’n Hell

Kick'n Hell is a retro style 3D precision platformer where you traverse the nine circles of hell as a martial artist and kick filthy demons! Do you have what it takes to escape and show Satan who's boss?

Kick'n Hell is a precision platformer where your main goal is to reach the top! In order to escape from hell you traverse a variety of landscape parkouring from one platform to another. This can range from a boneyard filled with skulls, ribcages, bones,.. to a forest where souls of the damned are trapped in trees and wolves roam a muddy environment.

As a martial artist in hell, your main weapon is you and your training. A powerful leg kick aimed at the right object will launch you higher and help you reach platforms further away. Brains will be very bouncy when you kick them, but also enemies roaming the lands like snakes, wolves, magma,.. can be used to launch yourself higher. Use a well timed kick to help yourself!


Fire Foot Studios


Q4 2024