EmotionWay Company

EmotionWay Company is an audiovisual and video game production company based in Belgium. We deeply believe in respecting human relationships and strive to create a stimulating and enriching work environment for all our collaborators. Our ambition is to build a company that offers the new generation of Belgian artists the opportunity to express themselves and become known in the audiovisual industry.

We are committed to bringing a new perspective to the audiovisual industry by showcasing emerging Belgian artistic talents. By supporting this new generation of talented artists, we produce original and unique content that stands out from the competition.

Our approach is based on creative collaboration. We cultivate strong human relationships and a stimulating work environment, which fosters increased creative collaboration, better team cohesion, and enhanced trust among our employees.

We are dedicated to becoming pillars in the video game industry while seeking to transform the norms of work. Our goal is to establish internal harmony and well-being, as well as enriching and humane external relationships.

We proudly uphold our three cardinal values: passion, ambition, and inspiration.






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