Greg Carette

RTBF iXpé Creator and coordinator

Former RTBF radio operator and host, Greg Carette participated in the launch of Tarmac, RTBF’s first full digital media dedicated to urban cultures for young people.

Deeply involved in video games culture and eSports, he has been developing content for RTBF closely or indirectly linked to the “Geek” culture.

In October 2021, as video games and esports expert of content department of RTBF, he proposed and launched RTBF iXPé, a bright new experience for the company. He also evangelises the culture of streaming, day after day.

RTBF iXPé is the media of the RTBF dedicated to Gaming, Esport and Geek Gulture.
RTBF iXPé is today active on Twitch, You Tube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, RTBF ACTUS et RTBF AUVIO.