Belgian Game Awards

LuGus Studios

Studio: LuGus Studios

Games can be more. At LuGus Studios, we create clever and attractive games that broaden the medium's horizon. Our projects incorporate culture, education, healthcare, art, history, science, and all things beyond mere entertainment.

Games (released/in development):

* More than 40 B2B projects since 2011.
* Pinball Planet (2014)
* Runes of Brennos (2015)
* Battle for Donetsk (2015)
* Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing (2018)
* CosmiClean (2019)
* Liftoff: Drone Racing (2020)
* Liftoff: Micro Drones (in dev.)
* Liftoff: Academy (in dev.)
* Midnight Protocol (in dev.)
* SnoezelVR (in dev.)

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