Belgian Game Awards


Studio: Demute
Platforms: PC, Mobile & Tablet, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR/AR/MR

Demute is the only game audio studio in Belgium. With around 10 people working in interactive and immersive audio, Demute was able to achieve nearly 100K€ gross margin in 2018 (€91,208).

The company has plans to further extend its horizons and team by giving talks and presentations around the globe (Gamescom, Venice Film Festival, SXSW,...) and also giving lesson to emerging talents (SAE, PôleImage, IRISIB, ...).

Demute also contributes greatly to the local game development community. Not only by being an audio provider for several belgian games (Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Flotsam, Domiverse,...) but also by being proactive in the political scene to further help the belgian game dev ecosystem.

Some recent achievements of the company have been the release of Flotsam and Playmobil VR with their audio production, the development of a brand new technological product with a research grant (AHIA) and the title of Wwise Ambassador, putting Belgium in the map of international game audio.

Demute website