Belgian Game Awards

Cybernetic Walrus

Studio: Cybernetic Walrus
Platforms: PC, Mobile & Tablet, PlayStation, Xbox, VR/AR/MR

Cybernetic Walrus was founded 6th of January 2017 by four students of Digital Arts and Entertainment.

These students graduated in June of that same year and released their first game, Antigraviator, one year later in June of 2018.

In October 2019 Antigraviator was released for PS4. The Xbox one release is still pending.

Antigraviator won several prizes for its quality of 3D graphics.

In September 2019 The studio closed a fin mix Investment of 500.000 Euro. 250.000 Euro was provided by Media Invest Flanders. The other 250.000 euro is a combination of Winwin loans, a bank loan and an equity investment.

Over the last year the studio has evolved from a pure game studio to a game and service studio. Providing custom development of AR and VR projects for companies like Imec, Rentel-Otary-Seamade and I-Illusions.

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