CUBEnigma is a narrative experience making two players cooperating together, each one being on its own side of reality.

A technological quest for a perfect virtual world has failed. Jean-Claude Renauld is a scientist who has never been satisfied with our reality as it is nowadays. He always felt like he does not belong, until the day he got the brilliant idea of creating his own universe and sharing it with others. This is the reason why he publicly opened his laboratory once he was done with the very first version of this ambitious project, using people as beta testers to improve it.

And this is also the reason why you are invited to try it. But once you put on the VR headset you realise that something is amiss. The lights are off, there are leaks and everything is broken.

However, Mr. Renauld recommended that you choose a partner to assist you in case things don't go as planned. A partner who could help you get out with all the information available around, in the scientist’s laboratory.


ESA Saint-Luc - Bruxelles






Music & Sound Design by Guillaume Toussaint & Alexandre Delaygue, students of ‘Art au carré’ (