Adapta Solva

Absorb elements from magical shrines to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in this cute and short little adventure where you follow a magical creature in a world laid to ruin by an unknown cause.

On your adventure you can collect any of the following three elements from different elemental shrines and use their unique properties and abilities to solve the puzzles and unlock the next areas.
Stone is the heaviest and the strongest of the elements, use your ground slam or punch ability to break certain walls and floors or to punch heavy boulders around
Slime is a sticky but bouncy element, use it to jump higher, pass through grates and climb up sticky walls. You can also leave behind a gooey slimeball that will disappear after a short time. You also have to be careful though, since slime isn't fully solid it will dissolve into water!
Crystal is the final collectable element and it's surprisingly slippery, use it to crystalize bodies of water so you can walk across and be able to push boulders and slimeballs on top of it.

This game was made by 6 students as a group project assignment for their third year at Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest


Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen






Devon Brazelton, Twannes Claes, Malou De Paepe, Karolinka Fierloos, Dennis Skodda, Jeroen Gesquiere

Music by Matthias Peene
Animation by Annika Ruppert