Belgian Game Awards

Lander Van der Biest

Game Journalist + Educator

Born in the 90s and been gaming as long as I can remember.

Started my adventures with DOOM II on a floppy disk and Wario Land on my green brick Game Boy. Gaming has always been a huge part of my life and led me to Gaming Boulevard, an international website where we review all kinds of game.

Besides my passion for games, I was also a teacher for more than ten years. As a teacher I used the the educational power of videogames to motivate my pupils to learn in new ways.

I created Gamekunde to inspire teachers to use videogames in their classes as well. This year, I'm also organizing the OMG - Onderwijs Met Games - Festival where we showcase the potential of videogames in education, sports, culture and society. In other words... I live and breathe videogames.