Belgian Game Awards

Allie Weis

Ethics Coordinator

Hi there! :) My name is Allie Weis, and I am currently the Ethics Coordinator in International Game Development at Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE).

I'm originally from Baltimore (U.S.), and my background is in Psychology and Philosophy -- so anything societally-meaningful/psychologically or philosophically-impactful in terms of games is right up my alley.

I host and produce a monthly livestream, called Game for Thought, surrounding ethically-relevant topics in the industry (accessibility in games, sustainability in digital entertainment, community management, AI-generated art... just to name a few!).

I also work very closely with affinity groups on campus, including our female/female-identifying students and growing LGBTQ+ community. When I'm not enthusiastically talking about the importance of ethics in digital entertainment, I'm at home spending time with my toothless cat. Nice to meet you!

I’m honored to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of those working so diligently and passionately within the Belgian games ecosystem. Games transcend entertainment, providing us with a unique lens through which we can solve problems, discover new worlds, and explore dynamic storytelling. I’m thrilled to be able to highlight those who are truly pioneering and inspiring change, both on and off the screen.