Belgian Game Awards

War CPR, an immersive VR experience

Studio: Immersive Lab (AP University of Applied Sciences)
Platforms: VR/AR/MR

Student Unity project, made by: Arafa Yoncalik, Amirhosseyn Abrar, Rahim Elmurzayev, Wannes Vinken, Yasmine Van Duytekom, Anna Van Winden, Margot Van de Kelder.

This is a VR experience where you can perform CPR in a stressful war environment. By participating in VR, you experience it more realistically than if you were to see a 2D or 3D image. The participant is, ‘immersed’ into the situation and can actually experience a war situation, without being in an actual dangerous environment. By standing in the different scenes, the participant can better experience the tension, chaos and time pressure. For the participant, it will feel as if a life really depends on the CPR, so the time pressure will be better experienced.

Sidequest version:

War CPR, an immersive VR experience website