Belgian Game Awards


Studio: Stacka & The Fridge
Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Replaceable tells the story of a robot designer with a wiped memory that gets confronted by a hostile A.I. By hacking his way through his old corrupted facility and assembling a party of distinct robots, he fights for his freedom.

Replaceable is a 3rd person isometric, narratively driven puzzle-based action game, written by Flemish film director Hans Van Nuffel.

In Replaceable you:

- puzzle your way through various levels: death and destruction is never the result of brute force, but the result of clever thinking and sabotage

- make moral and ethical decisions: take shortcuts by occasionally sacrificing robots; you make character altering choices through both action and dialogue. Are you a benevolent ruler and father figure or a despotic tyrant with no remorse? This can shift throughout the gameplay

- will discover the unique story that deals with topical issues and treats philosophical and ethical dilemmas

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