Belgian Game Awards

Rebound: A Puzzle Adventure

Studio: Oribi Studio / eSolu SPRL
Platforms: Mobile & Tablet

Rebound is a Free-To-Play 3D puzzle game with progressive difficulty. You control a cute creature who starts a journey across multiple colorful worlds filled with puzzles. Each world includes different styles of gameplay, the main path is more classic while the other areas force you to use different skills. The game also introduces various mechanics which renew the gameplay as the adventure progresses.

Each of these worlds offers multiple challenges with the addition of new blocks with surprising effects. The player will have to get through all these challenges to collect all the levels’ keys and bring the creature to its goal. Rebound will challenge the player’s cognition, and sometimes his memory and dexterity to get past all the challenges offered by the game.

While being released quietly in June 2019 with no marketing support, Rebound already attracted more than 40,000 players on Android and iOS.

Rebound: A Puzzle Adventure website