Belgian Game Awards


Studio: Bodgamestudio
Platforms: PC

PhilGood is 2D adventure game with brain teasers and a strong script. Decoding symbols and mysterious messages.

Behind an apparent simplicity lies a solid scenario, comparing the criticisms of a Greek philosopher and the various abuses of our contemporary world. A critique of our ultra-Capitalism world. A story filled with metaphors, mysteries and discoveries.

Fight every enemy, solve every riddle in order to overcome obstacles and get a little closer to the “truth”. But at every moment, your life hangs by a thread!

...And in the end, you think you've seen everything, you think you have all the keys. What if the empires were hiding another reality. What is their real secret...!

KEY STRENGTHS of project:

1. A rich scenario with several levels of reading

2. Rarity of a persona evolving on 1 line

3. Original and varied puzzles: water leaks, lumens, tangrams

4. Double coding with real symbols and encryption

5. Parallel between ancient texts and the contemporary world. (Verifiable)

6. Metaphorical and suggestive texts that encourage people to find their meanings

7. Metaphorical or real quotations explaining the scenario

8. Milestones in human history that illustrate the scenario by being educational

9. Resurrection Bank: allows you to continue the game while having endless fun

10. Also educational with the enigms "Lumen", important events of humanity. Also by disseminated quotations allowing us to understand the empire in which we find ourselves.

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