Belgian Game Awards

In the cage of society, an empathic VR experience

Studio: Immersive Lab (AP University of Applied Sciences)
Platforms: VR/AR/MR

Student Unity project, made by: Bruce Paes Barreto da Rocha Bomfim, Loise Stell, Lotte Sneyders, Gürsel Göcke, Mohamed El Moufid, Ayoub Aouraghe, Kerem Yilmaz.

Discrimination is a common issue in our society. People can experience discrimination for many reasons. But when you communicate about it, you are only a mere spectator unless you have experienced it yourself. The added value of this empathic VR experience is that it allows you to have an immersive interaction with the subject. It provides an effective environment that might help to trigger a deeper emotional response, which can create a stronger and more profound dialogue between the viewer and the object of the experience itself.

In the cage of society, an empathic VR experience website