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Fishing Cactus

Studio: Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus was created in 2008 on the ashes of Tentacles. Back then, the Appstore was at its debuts and mobile games were really something to surf on. For years, Fishing Cactus developed mobile games and serious games, mostly for other companies until we prototyped Epistory in 2015. At that moment we knew that mobile games were not for us anymore. We needed something fresh and different. Epistory was the beginning of a new era at Fishing Cactus. After the success of that first game, Fishing Cactus released Algo Bot on PC and Shift Quantum on PC and consoles. Last March, the studio had the pleasure to announce the release of the spiritual successor of the acclaimed Epistory, Nanotale.

Games (released/in development):

* Epistory - Typing Chronicles
* Algo Bot
* Shift Quantum
* Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

Fishing Cactus website