Belgian Game Awards

Bokrijk Bruegel Game

Studio: Toyfoo
Platforms: Mobile & Tablet, VR/AR/MR

The Bruegel Game in Open Air Museum Bokrijk invites visitors of all ages (4+) to search for lost objects from Bruegel’s ‘The Battle between Carnival and Lent’ (1559) and to be just as creative in adorning their AR-hat as Bruegel has been in designing his hats. Created through collaboration with Bokrijk’s museological and technical team and others (e.g. Possibly Pixels, ruimtevaarders), the game is an integral part of the ±1.5 km exhibition trail ‘The World of Bruegel,’ and attracted more than 50.000 players in 2019.

Pieter Bruegel designed his paintings as puzzles for people to explore and discuss together. Through his compositions, Bruegel comments on events and holds up a mirror to his viewers. The Bruegel Game incites players to discover and (ultimately) reflect on the objects from the painting, which are the keys to the stories that Bruegel depicts.

At the start of the game, you receive an RFID wristband, which links to your profile. First, you choose your favorite hat from a set of physical replicas of historical hats that connect to a virtual (AR) mirror. Along the Bruegel route, you look for ten hidden physical, interactive object-crystals. Scan them with your wristband to add them to your virtual hat. Once you found a few, AR minigames are unlocked that allow you to boost your points and dive in absurd Bruegelesque hat-scenes. Finally, players get to edit and adorn their hat with the objects they collected and optionally participate in a hat photo contest.

Bokrijk Bruegel Game website