Belgian Game Awards


Studio: LUCA School Of Arts - Student Game
Platforms: Mobile & Tablet, VR/AR/MR

A multilinguistic puzzle-adventure in Augmented Reality.

In this mobile AR-game pupils work together in small teams (2-4) to reach a common goal. They will need to use their language knowledge to help a little creature called Babel find their way home. With this game we want to show children from 7-12 the value of the language(s) they possess (or not possess) and increase language awareness across different languages (language patterns, similarities, differences). The game also tries to contribute to developing a positive attitude amongst primary schools teachers towards pupils’ languages (including migrant and minority languages).

Standard, minority, migrant and curriculum languages are incorporated in the game, which can be played with 14 languages (and growing). Arabic, Basque, Dutch, English, French, Frisian, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Developed by Thomas Meynen & Wim Forceville for LUCA School Of Arts with support from Erasmus+ as part of the VirtuLApp toolkit.

Download and play the game for free on iOS & Android.

Disclaimer: This is not a language learning app, nor an educational game ‘pur sang’ that should replace the curriculum. It’s designed as an entertaining tool that can be integrated in the existing curriculum to augment a classroom activity. Define it however you want.

BabelAR website