Belgian Game Awards

Michi-Hiro Tamaï

Professional journalist

With nearly 1,800 game reviews to his credit, Michi-Hiro Tamaï has managed the weekly videogame section of Focus Vif for 13 years. This professional journalist dedicates his career to one fight: to demonstrate the cultural value of videogames.

He was the first writer to comment on the emerging wave of indie games in the Belgian and French written press (La Libre Belgique, IG Mag), at the end of the 2000s.

Formerly in charge of the videogame section of La Libre Belgique, this former editor-in-chief of (4entertainment) is fond of major videogame events. He has written a host of reports (Le VifL'Express, Trends Tendance, Gamekult ...) on the (re)birth of the Belgian games scene, from E3 (Los Angeles) to GDC (San Francisco).

Eager to open up the videogame scene to as many people as possible, Michi-Hiro finally carried out a videogame exhibition curation for a 6.000 m2 museum project. Or how else to explain to the general public that videogames are culture?